Bouncing Ball using poseNet

Hello world!

As we know due to COVID-19 many countries has imposed lockdown for the safety of people. Many people are staying at home which reduced their physical activities. Home workout is one of the great ways to maintain good physical health. It is very necessary to do some exercise to keep yourself fit. That is when I thought of developing a game which should be simple and should have some sort of body movements to interact with it.

About the game

To start the development, I created a bouncing ball game that every one knows well. The only difference in this version is you have to move your body up to jump the ball. I used poseNet for pose detection and Phaser 3 to create the game. The body detection depends on the camera quality and machine configuration so the input accuracy may lags some times depending on the machine running it. The fast movements may not be detected by the algorithm, so try jumping slowly. I am also planning to add more stages and more fun into the game.


Right now it works properly on Laptops. Mobile phones may not support it.

Try it from below link. Keep yourself fit by doing small steps of exercise daily.